Masslinn Yellow

Suitable for large areas

Masslinn Orange

Suitable for medium sized areas

Masslinn Hopital

Suitable for small areas, loose dirt and dust

Masslinn Dusty

Suitable for medium sized areas

Masslinn 2000

Absorbs small amounts of water

Wetrok Masslinn:
the most popular duster in professional cleaning

Would you like to remove dust from your floors in a hygienic and efficient manner, without residue? Then the Masslinn disposable cloth is the perfect choice for you. This miraculous dust cloth is used by more than 20,000 customers worldwide and is the most popular dust cloth in Europe (professional cleaning). In 2022, the disposable cloth is celebrating its 70-year anniversary – a tradition that demands the utmost quality and hygiene.

Dust-binding mopping
10 advantages

  1. High area performance
  2. Optimal hygiene before wet mopping (removal of microorganisms and germs)
  3. Best cleaning results according to FIGR test
  4. No cross-contamination (1 disposable cloth per room)
  5. No dust stirred up
  6. No power consumption
  7. No noise (no suction motor)
  8. High safety (no cable, no risk of tripping)
  9. Low space requirement on the cleaning cart and in the cleaning room
  10. Immediate disposal of dirt (not only when changing the vacuum cleaner bag)

Please note:
Dust-binding mopping is unsuitable for heavily soiled or textured floor coverings. Here, continue to use dry vacuum cleaners.

Ideal for museums, hotels and healthcare facilities

“I recommend dust-binding mopping to all companies looking for an efficient and hygienic method of dust removal. Especially for museums/churches (dust-sensitive buildings) or hotel and healthcare facilities (prevention of viruses and germs carried by dust), the method of dust-binding mopping with disposable cloths is ideal.”

Thomas Gaisberger, responsible for the maintenance of all museum buildings in the KHM Museum Association (including Vienna’s Kunsthistorisches Museum)

C2C environmental label and FIGR certificate:
Masslinn wipes are ecological and effective

Eco-friendly disposable cloths? Yes! The Masslinn cloths have been awarded a well-known environmental seal: the Cradle-to-Cradle certification® (Bronze). But above all, dust cloths have to perform one main task: Removing dust thoroughly. Masslinn cloths have been tested as part of strict comparison tests carried out by the FIGR research and certification institute. The result: Top marks when it comes to dust removal, cleaning performance and germ reduction.